Monday, November 23, 2009

Lots of time on your hands? STEP 1.....

....Go to all of the doctor appointments that you have put off because they "take too much time" while you're working.

This month has been FILLED with doctor appointments. Dermatologist, Dentist, Primary, Gyno (TMI?)....etc. It has been good though. It is part of my checking off of the large to-do list that has snowballed over the past year.

Things like:
- get jewelry fixed
- replace watch batteries
- hang decorations in room
- send friend gift that has been collecting dust in the corner of room

You get the idea.

So now that I'm home from yet another appointment, I will make myself some more coffee and get back to the job applications/GRE studying!


Friday, November 6, 2009



The idea for this blog was conceived by a few friends who, on separate occasions and over a period of a few months, came together and discussed their similar life situations, their experience as a 20-something female going through a major quarter-life period of inner reflection and questioning.

Even though this blog only has a few writers, "we" 20-something unemployed/in-between jobs/applying to graduate school/unsure about the next life step, are large in number, strong, universal, overall optimistic, and always chic.

Here's to hoping that Santa will deliver a little portion of the Stimulus package to our homes this holiday season.... In the meantime, enjoy our thoughts and feel free to share yours!

-The Recessionistas